Chris Gladden

Chris Gladden is a now 20 year old entrepreneur and the inventor and founder of Kwik-Fix, a mobile smart phone application that quickly connects homeowners to trustworthy repair companies, as well as Lazy Switch, an easy to install remote control light switch for use by anyone wanting an affordable and simple way to turn their light off from their bed. Using skills he learned at St. Louis University’s to find solvable problems, Chris developed these two companies. Successfully finding a few small investors and winning the Independent Youth ExploreAvision grant helped Chris get Kwik-Fix off the ground and he is currently raising capital to make Lazy Switch widely available.

Though Chris’s main passion is business, he also pursues many other hobbies. He has achieved Eagle Scout, trained in a large array of martial art styles, earning his Black Belt under Earnest Hart Jr, has worked with a private equity firm in Dallas for two summers and has a passion for books and TV shows. Chris also has a passion for animals and combining this passion with his passion for business Chris worked with Joan Kibberz to redesign and grow her social entrepreneurship, IBones, and implement it within a local St. Louis school program. Chris currently attends Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University through the Business Scholars program in order to continue pursuing his passion for business. Chris is currently developing his entrepreneurial skills by double majoring in finance and Economics with a minor in Chinese. While there Chris continues to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and grow Kwik-Fix and Lazy Switch.