Lachlen Johnson
"You’ve got to stop doing all the things that people have tried, tested, and found out don’t work... Young people really know what's going on and really are coming up with the best ideas and the best sites. If you don't listen to them, you're a fool." ~ Michael Dunlop

Lachlan Johnson

A sophomore at Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business, Lachlan believes in always moving forward and finding new ways to express her interests.  After selling her first business only a year ago, she has partnered with her brother to create Joxie, a lifestyle brand creating products that are smart, fun, diverse, and focused on individuality and self-expression.  Joxie’s first product is Beaux Up bow ties. Beaux Up is a patent pending twist on the classic self-tie bow tie where bow tie halves can be interchanged on a unique clip allowing a completely customizable experience for the wearer.  Lachlan loves the business side of being an entrepreneur, but she is also an integral part of the creative side of Joxie, working on line extensions, new product development, and marketing while also seeking out new product ideas invented by kids.
Before Joxie and Beaux Up, Lachlan was one of the inventors of Flipoutz, a fashion accessory for kids that focused on self-expression, trading and tracking.  In 2011, Lachlan (and her siblings) was honored to be a runner up to ChiTAG’s Young Inventor of the Year. Along with her brother, Jake, and sister, Erin, she represented her company on ABC’s Shark Tank, and on PBS’s Biz Kids, and loves sharing what she has learned about entrepreneurship with other kids.
At SLU, Lachlan is an active member of the “Diamonds in the Rough Club” and a regular part of the Saint Louis entrepreneurial community.  She is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and volunteers with Girls on the Run, Girls, Inc., and Southeastern Guide Dogs.
She has earned national recognition for filmmaking and has earned varsity letters in volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading. In the area of extracurricular activities, Lachlan believes that “no activity should be left behind!” She enjoys sports, modeling, rodeo, pageants, international travel and service activities. Lachlan graduated from Woodlawn High School in Davidson NC in 2013 and was honored to receive the Trailblazer Award which is given to a Senior “who leads in word and action, who lives with integrity and honor, and who inspires and supports his or her fellow students.”