Trep Corner: Aaron Easaw

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Meet Teen ‘Trep: Aaron Easaw


Twitter: @AaronEaswaw
I’m currently 18 and started INC.UBATOR at the age of 16. INC.UBATOR started as an investment syndicate for young entrepreneurs. If you’re not too clear on what an investment syndicate is, young entrepreneurs would come to me with their companies. Then my company would analyze the company and perform due diligence. If the company checked out, we would send the company to our group of investors who rely on us to help bring young entrepreneurs into their deal flow. We started as a syndicate and now we’re in the middle of raising our first investment fund.



What advice would you give to aspiring teen entrepreneurs?

I started INC.UBATOR as a school project in 10th grade to help other students who had asked for me to help them with their businesses. I use to own a software company before I started INC.UBATOR. My inspiration for INC.UBATOR was exactly that.
My advice to any young aspiring entrepreneur is to use your age as leverage. It’s such a powerful tool in opening up doors. Another point I would add is don’t be afraid at ALL. I highly believe you cannot take it too far at all when you’re pitching. Feel free to read my article I wrote about it in Fortune here.



What would you say is the best part of being a young entrepreneur?

Freedom, the best part of being an entrepreneur is being able to do what you want.