Trep Corner: Chief Outfitters

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Meet Teen ‘Treps: Phillip & Corey

Instagram: chief___outfitters

Corey is 16 years old and I am 17 years old. What we have is a clothing line that was started off just for teens but now our style is engineered to the point that anyone can wear our stuff. A big part of Chief Outfitters is social media advertisement. We have an Instagram page (chief___outfitters) that we use to gain more popularity , customers and sales through.

Chief Outfitters all started as an idea in history class.  It was near the last couple of weeks of school and we weren’t really doing anything in class but just watching a movie. At that time, I was working a job that I wasn’t really enjoying and I wanted to quit, but still make money. Corey on the other hand wasn’t old enough to get a job, but he wanted to make money as well. We both realized that we wanted to make money but didn’t really want to work a job, well at least I didn’t want to work a job. At first, we were going to write a book together because that’s what we use to do and we enjoyed doing that. We couldn’t really centralize our ideas, so we just gave up. We thought that there was no way on earth we could work together to accomplish bigger goals. I went home that night and just slept. I was thinking to myself that …I wanted something that Corey and I could both do, but do well with no distractions. I thought and thought until I came to the point that I was really thinking about starting a clothing line. That same night, I got on the phone with Corey and introduced the idea to him. I’ve always been very creative and he’s been good at business so we just ran with the idea, and that’s how chief outfitters came to be. First week at school, we sold 40 shirts and made almost $400. Shortly after that we started networking on social media pages  and now we ship to over 10 states… And this is our first year.

What is your business tip for teens?

Never think that you’re too young.  All large corporations start with one person who had an idea and wanted to change the world. Don’t spend your free time watching TV. Explore your talents. We all have talents and gifts that are given to us from God. Find what you’re best and see if you can transform it into a business if that’s what you want to do.

What is the best part of being an entrepreneur?

You are your own boss. You get to direct your future. It’s also fun networking . Also, when you go out in public and , for us, when we see someone with our clothing that’s pretty cool. We get to go up to them and take a picture with them.  Also, best part of being an entrepreneur is you can set yourself up for the future RIGHT NOW.