Trep Corner: Tommy Hopper

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Meet Teen ‘Trep: Tommy Hopper


Twitter: @WhatsOnTheMenu_


My name is Tommy Hopper (17) and I am the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of What’s On The Menu STL. You can find out about my company at or @WhatsOnTheMenu_ on Twitter. What’s On The Menu STL began as an informational web data base and eventually grew into the Kirkwood High School based customer delivery service that we are today. We began our website development in September 2014 in Professor Nixon’s Entrepreneurship class at Kirkwood High School in St. Louis, Missouri. After months of internal development, we took and delivered our first orders as a delivery service in November of 2014 and we have been going strong ever since. This month we will be rolling out our brand new morning delivery service just in time for the 30 Day Challenge competition with Independent Youth.

What is your Business Tip for Teens?

When starting a business, make sure you are solving a problem. Whether it is a need that people have or a desire for a certain product/service a successful start-up business built by teens solves a problem or improves something that makes peoples’ lives easier/better.

What is the Best Part of Being an Entrepreneur?

As a teen, being an entrepreneur is awesome because it allows you to receive a real-life business experience while still in high school or college. The experience of running your own business is a rewarding experience and teaches you helpful leadership and problem solving skills. Being a teenage entrepreneur teaches you to think on your feet and develop customer-relations skills as well.