“The Teen Entrepreneurship Symposium is a tribute to all that is possible—kids with great ideas for America. These young CEO’s are gaining great experience in business and leadership. The future is truly bright thanks to this excellent program.” ~ Maxine Clark, Founder of Build-A-Bear, IY 2011 Keynote Speaker, St. Louis, MO

TrepStart Day

TrepStart Day


A Trep, from the word entrepreneur, refers to an entrepreneur. TrepStart Day is a one-day, Independent Youth event where teens learn, lunch and launch into entrepreneurial thinking by interacting with successful teen entrepreneurs from around the US. Designed as a peer-to-peer exploration of entrepreneurial thinking and achievement know-how, TrepStart Day incorporates experiential education through a keynote address, interactive breakout sessions with successful teen entrepreneurs and our ExploreAVision competition kick-off. It’s the starting line to launch into a lifetime of entrepreneurial accomplishments. Check out IY’s upcoming TrepStart Days in: ŸSt. Louis, MO  – Ÿ Charlotte, NC Ÿ – Atlanta, GA


TrepStart Definition

trep●start day /trƏ-p-stärt/ /dā/


The opportunity to meet awe inspiring, impressive, mind blowing minors who crave risks in the pursuit to start new business ventures: TrepStart day is the coolest day of the year.

Extremely cool way to learn from expertly seasoned peers; exhilarating; life changing experience: TrepStart day changed the way I live.


The TrepStart Experience

“There is nothing like the energy of youth and combine that with the ‘entrepreneurial thing’ and there is majic in the room.  It was pure pleasure to be a part of that experience and I look forward to working with Independent Youth and the startups in the years to come.”

-Chris Heivly (co-founder of MapQuest & Managing Director of The Startup Factory), 2013 Keynote Speaker


“TrepStart Day was the most engaged audience of aspiring entrepreneurs that I’ve seen in years.”

-Jim McKelvey (co-founder of Square), 2013 Keynote Speaker


“I have had the pleasure to speak at many different forums over the past few years and have found them all to be uplifting but the work being done by Independent Youth feels more timely than other organizations I have come in contact with.  This organization is teaching the kids of our country how to fish instead of just giving them fish.”

-Mike DeLazzer (founding member of Redbox Movie Kiosk), 2012 Keynote Speaker


“The Teen Entrepreneurship Symposium is a tribute to all that is possible- kids with great ideas for America. These young CEO’s are gaining great experience in business and leadership. The future is truly bright thanks to this wonderful program.”

-Maxine Clark (founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop), 2011 Keynote Speaker