Asya Gonzalez

STINKY FEET GURLZ was established in 2011 by then 14 year old designer (now 17), Asya Gonzalez. What started out as a simple doodle in a note book, evolved into a variety of hair styles and face shapes. She then took the designs to her parents and with their help, supervision, encouragement and connections, launched STINKY FEET GURLZ right from their home! STINKY FEET GURLZ was designed to be a fun, simple, adorable collection of 1940′s inspired sassy, quirky, amusing & expressive apparel and accessory items. Stinky Feet Gurlz is actively in the process of adding new shirts to the line and is especially excited about the new winter line that will hit next season!

Asya donates a portion of every sale to her charity, She Is Worth It!. She Is Worth It! is focused on bringing awareness and Preventative Education to Child Sex Slavery. She Is Worth It’s goal is to have an educational program in EVERY school across America exposing the dangers of Trafficking, warning girls that these Pimps are calling themselves “boyfriends” and what our youth and our public MUST know to alert to the issues.

Asya was asked to be a co-host on Express Yourself! | Voice America , a weekly teen radio program where teens talk and the world listens and has been co-hosting now for nearly a year. Asya also recently launched her YouTube channel, City Rouge, as a beauty guru focusing on makeup, fashion, DIY’s and life all on a REAL budget!

Asya is a dedicated student and Philanthropist and aside from running her business, going to school and participating in sports, she takes time off to travel the country speaking to large groups of students and teachers about following their dreams with Independent Youth.

Be sure to keep up with Asya and her endeavors by following her on facebook at and remember, Be lovely, feel lovely, because you ARE lovely!