Brandon Iverson

Jordan Williams and Brandon Iverson are 16 year-old entrepreneurs, public speakers, and authors from Atlanta, Georgia. After starting their first business at age 10, they are now the owners of Young Moguls Brand, a clothing line for teens that carries a positive message of entrepreneurship.

Jordan and Brandon are also the founders of Making Money For Teens, a teen financial education company they created at age 13. Through their MMFT products, Jordan and Brandon teach teenagers on different finance subjects such as investing, starting a business, managing your money, and much more. They frequently speak at conferences, schools, and youth groups throughout the country and have authored two books: Who Needs and Allowance? and Teenpreneur Marketing Guide. The duo has been featured in Jet Magazine, Essence, Black Enterprise Magazine, Home Business Magazine, and more. Their goal is to keep expanding their business to inspire and motivate teens.