Hart Main

Hart Main, currently 17, is a Senior at New Philadelphia High School in New Philadelphia, Ohio. In the fall of 2010 Hart started ManCans, a company that focuses on selling candles with scents that men like. Originally, all of the candles were made inside a recycled soup can; the can was first purchased by the business and donated to soup kitchens and homeless shelters across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and into West Virginia. Today the candles are made inside of manufactured soup cans, and money is donated in place of the soup to the same kitchens. Since the beginning of the business Hart has been able to donate 90,000 cans of soup along with $30,000, expand his product line of scents, work with a developmental disability company for production, and expand his sales from online to 130 stores, catalogs, fundraisers and corporate marketing merchandise.

Hart has gained media attention from local Columbus,OH television stations, a number of radio stations, highlighted in Family circle magazine, The Lopez Tonight Show, PBS’ Bizkid$, and Nickelodeon’s new game show “figure it out.” Additionally, Hart has received media coverage from various National media outlets including; entrepreneur.com, The Huffington Post, CNBC.com and USA Today. He has also received a letter of recognition from Michelle Obama. Hart is also a Junior Board Member of Independent Youth Inc.

Hart is an active participant in his High School Cross Country team, and in the school’s Academic Challenge team. Outside of school, Hart umpires softball games at a local recreational league in New Philadelphia. He has also spoken at South by Southwest and frequently speaks at elementary schools.