Carson Kropfl

Locker Board skateboards were invented by 11-year-old Carson Kropfl, in October of 2016. He wanted a skateboard that could fit in his school locker and backpack, so he decided to create one out of a used skateboard deck.

His parents told him he had to start cleaning to pay for his surf lessons and contests. Carson hates to clean, so he asked if he could start making and selling skateboards – like the one he had made for himself.

Carson collects used skateboard decks from skate shops and upcycles them into Locker Boards. Upcycling is when you take an unwanted, used product/trash and turn it into a product of higher quality and value. He handmakes the Locker Board decks using a chop saw/drill/sander/paint (you can view a detailed video on how he makes them on his website: Each board is signed and numbered. The boards are then assembled with new, high-quality trucks/wheels/bearings/hardware. These are one-of-a-kind and made in the USA!

Carson launched his online store in November of 2016 and shipped boards all over the country. The reason Locker Boards have become so popular is because they are good for the planet, easy to take anywhere and fun to ride!

Vans found out about what Carson was doing and in January of 2017, set up a monthly recycling program for him at two of their skate parks/stores in Southern California (their Huntington Beach store and their City Block of Orange store). Kids who want to donate used decks to Carson can leave them at these Vans locations. So far, Vans has donated over 100 boards to Locker Board. Kids can also mail Carson their used decks as a donation as well.

A popular retail store in Southern California, Jack’s Surfboards, recently put Carson’s Locker Board skateboards in their Dana Point store. Another skate shop in Huntington Beach has also started carrying Locker Board skateboards.

In a few short months, Carson has built a nationally recognized skateboard company, been flown to New York to appear on Harry Connick Jr’s talk show “Harry” to pitch his business, appeared on several local news stations and been named by OC Family Magazine as one of the top 10 Whiz Kids of Orange County, Ca.

This year, Carson is donating $1 for every board he sells to the Tony Hawk Foundation because they are focused on empowering kids through skating.

Carson feels the most rewarding part of this whole experience is how he has become a role model for other kids. Teachers have written him letters thanking him for inspiring their students, he has FaceTimed with classes to answer questions and has received hundreds of messages from kids through his social media. His ultimate mission is to inspire kids to shred hard, dream hard and work hard.