Remmi Smith

Cook Time with Remmi is a health based company and cooking show established in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hosted by 16 year old Remmi Smith, the show is based on concerns for the current childhood obesity epidemic. Remmi’s objective is to get kids excited about cooking, and to link the skill of cooking to improved nutrition. Remmi’s shows and video series, The Culinary Kid and Cook Time with Remmi air on the international and platforms. Currently she has a weekly cooking segment on a local CBS affiliate. She was recently featured on Rachael Ray’s Yum-O! Her Biography was recently filmed by Zagat and aired on May 31, 2016. She is also a contestant on Food Network's upcoming Teen Chopped Tournament airing in September 2016.

Named “Youth Ambassador for Health and Wellness” for Sodexo for their school nutrition program in North America, Remmi works with the executive chefs in 500 school districts and represent 3.5 M students across the country. Remmi’s recipes are served in more than 4000 cafeterias. She is getting ready to film her 4th series for Sodexo and will air on multiple platforms.

Remmi is the recent winner of the Inc. Magazine and Cox Business Pitch Contest in which she competed with 70 adults. With the win, Remmi’s Chef Club Box which is a monthly subscription healthy snack box brought over $10,000 in cash and business services. Also due to this win, she was a featured presenter at the 2016 South By Southwest event.

Remmi is a 2016 “Global Teen Leader” for “Three Dot Dash” of the We Are Family Foundation. Remmi was named “Top  20 Entrepreneurs” by Teen Business. Huffington Post and Food Tank named her as their “20 Young People Changing the Food System.” Additionally she was featured on their international list of “101 Innovators Creating a Better Food System.” Remmi was one of “3 Newcomers Finding a Better Way to Feed the World.”

Remmi is a speaker for Independent Youth and is also a Junior Board Member. Recently named the only Teen Mentor for Thrive15 online university for entrepreneurs taught by millionaires, moguls and every day success stories. Remmi is named “Top 20 to Watch” by The Century Council along with Business Leaders, Congressmen, Elite Athletes, and Olympians.

Remmi travels all over the country giving appearances at National School Board Associations, Congress, Google, Facebook, Disney, and places of family entertainment to mention a few. She is the author of Global Cooking for Kids which won a Gold Addy Award. Her Italian Salad Dressing is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores in retail and bulk. She is a monthly columnist for International Amazing Kids. She represents the national No Kid Hungry2 campaign and she promotes awareness of the child hunger issue in all the work she does. She is a featured chef in Ramin Ganeshram’s Future Chefs.

“The only thing that keeps you from getting success in yourself. If you don’t go after it, if you don’t take a step forward, you’re just taking 2 steps back because you’re really not doing anything.” Remmi Smith (TOP 25 QUOTES BY TULSA WORLD)