The Evolutionary Path: From Manager to Leader

Today, we are witnessing constant business landscape changes. This remarkable progress is driven by many factors, including technology innovation in business. This remarkable progress is driven by some factors, including technological innovations in business.

Project management evolution is changing and requires new skills from employees themselves. That is why the workforce must constantly strive for new achievements. Although positions such as project managers and leaders play key roles in an organization, understanding the evolutionary path from one role to the next one can have a significant impact on personal and professional growth. We will talk more about this later in the article.

Adapting to a Transformative Business Environment

A company that wants to remain visible in its field should keep track of current “trend” changes. Especially in this period, when every new day can initiate additional innovations.

The success of a transformative business largely depends on the ideological transformation of the team, including project managers. Today, they must be prepared for such challenges as:

  • Project delivery challenges. This issue concerns a multifaceted project implementation plan. Project managers must be ready to accept and learn how to competently use new conditions to accomplish tasks.
  • Time and economic challenges. Most modern entrepreneurs want to get a guaranteed result with minimal costs and short timeframes. Why is this happening? It is influenced by the great market competition. And project managers must be flexible enough to offer the best solution even in the most difficult situations.
  • Organizational challenges. One of the factors that can ensure the flexibility and adaptability of corporations to current digital challenges is organizational change. Therefore, employees must be motivated to accept these changes and learn to work with them as soon as possible.

All these and other challenges of today make the work of a project manager difficult but extremely important. This thorny path will be a great practice for training you as a professional specialist who can not only implement projects but also apply for higher management positions.

Embracing New Skills and Techniques for Success

What is critical for the complex functioning of a business? An inspired team of professionals? What does it take to become such a professional? You need to have the right skills. This is especially essential for PMs. They can be compared to conductors: a manager “does not play the instruments directly”. However, it is their effective management skills that determine how the team implements the project.

To properly organize a team of specialists and competently direct the process to achieve the desired result, you need to have project management skills. The basic starting set of a responsible project manager includes:

  • Additional rigor. A project manager must be able to supervise the work of the team and control every stage of the project. After all, it is his approach to details that allows to fulfill the task. 
  • Consultative approach. The ability to properly build the structure of a dialogue is an extremely useful skill that a team member of any organization should have. It should not be an “I lead, you follow” format. Practice shows that teams respond better to the consultative method.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. This skill focuses on the project manager’s ability to respond quickly to modern challenges, adapt to current changes, and quickly learn new features or formats of their job responsibilities.
  • Competent information management. An employee who can quickly find and analyze the information received will have great potential to implement driving changes. Both in the project and in the work of the team as a whole. Today, information rules the world, so everyone must be able to handle it to maximize its benefits.
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Mastering these basic skills will allow project managers to not only do their jobs well, but also apply for promotion to team leader.

Leading with Vision and Influence

In addition to professional skills, a qualified PM must also have leadership skills. They are a great driving force for the effective work of the entire team and the high-quality implementation of projects. This can be manifested in different formats:

  • Empathy for the team;
  • Understanding attitudes towards mistakes;
  • Knowledge of relationship psychology with the team and clients, and so on.

To be an effective leader, a project manager must combine all the previously mentioned skills and add competent task delegation, conflict management, negotiation, time management, and others.

However, the main thing that demonstrates leadership potential is the ability to motivate and move the team. A true leader will not only distribute the main tasks, but will also teach and give advice on how to do it better. Team motivation helps to increase employee engagement. In addition, a motivated team wants to develop and improve their skills. Therefore, empowering the entire team depends on how you motivate the team.

Navigating the New Era of Project Leadership

Modern project management and the development of any startup or business require interested and motivated representatives. Project managers can be such a driving force. Professional specialists with the necessary skills and approach to work can join the field of project leadership and qualitatively complement the overall corporate potential. 

However, it is important to remember that we live in a time of constant change. They are happening here and now, and they affect completely different areas of activity. In particular, skill evolution dictates new rules for what a professional project manager should look like. Only a person who is ready to adapt to changes and accept new things can respond to modern challenges in time and be as useful as possible for business representatives.

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