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    Trep Corner: Aaron Easaw aaron easaw picture

    Meet Teen ‘Trep: Aaron Easaw Website: Twitter: @AaronEaswaw I’m currently 18 and started INC.UBATOR at the age of 16. INC.UBATOR started as an investment syndicate for young entrepreneurs. If you’re not too clear on what an investment syndicate is, young entrepreneurs would come to me with their companies. Then my company would analyze the […]

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    Trep Corner: Bella Weems (Origami Owl) oragami

    Meet Teen ‘Trep: Bella Weems (19 years old) Website: Facebook: Origami Owl Twitter: @origamiowl Instagram: OrigamiOwl   My name is Bella Weems and I am 19 years-old. I started Origami Owl when I was 14 with the dream to save enough money for a car. With $350 saved from babysitting money, I decided to […]

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    Trep Corner: Chief Outfitters Chief OUtfitters Pic

    Meet Teen ‘Treps: Phillip & Corey Instagram: chief___outfitters Corey is 16 years old and I am 17 years old. What we have is a clothing line that was started off just for teens but now our style is engineered to the point that anyone can wear our stuff. A big part of Chief Outfitters is […]

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