Group Pic Event
“ IY’s Teen Entrepreneurship Network has given me the opportunity to meet with kids that have shared my experiences as a youth entrepreneur. The symposiums have allowed me to meet not only with teens from the network, but with other entrepreneurial minded students.” ~ Hart Main, IY Jr. Board Member and Founder of ManCans

Teen Network

Zachary Certner :

Zachary Certner

Ryan Kelly :

Ryan Kelly

Chris Gladden :

Chris Gladden

Lily Born :

Lily Born

Alexis Elliot :

Alexis Elliot

Zachary Weisenthal :

Zachary Weisenthal

Brooke Martin :

Brooke Martin

Mikaila Ulmer :

Mikaila Ulmer

Joshua Williams :

Joshua Williams

Josh Seides :

Josh Seides

Ehan Kamat :

Ehan Kamat

Zandra Cunningham :

Zandra Cunningham

Valarie Weisler :

Valarie Weisler

Carson Kropfl :

Carson Kropfl

Hart Main :

Hart Main

Lily Sandler :

Lily Sandler

Jordan Williams :

Jordan Williams

Lachlan Johnson :

Lachlan Johnson

Brandon Iverson :

Brandon Iverson

Remmi Smith :

Remmi Smith

Asya Gonzalez :

Asya Gonzalez

Jake Johnson :

Jake Johnson